Who is Mamiki?
a creative assembler, oniric painter, jazz singer a crazy woman and Mom, always looking for Good Vibes, having fun creating wearable art.
Color is my life,Every piece of art is unique like you!
Be different!
Wear different!


about us

We have two headquarters one in Treviso

(20 km far from Venice)and one in

Los Angeles.

I love to create energizing paintings and Wearable Art.

Everything can be transformed:

  bags,t-shirt,pants,cars, prosthesis,furniture,fabric ,accessories using everything and recycling everything.

check at:

       Instagram: Mamiki wearable art

        Facebook: Michela Bayou/wearable art

Pinterest: Michela Bayou

Etsy: Onlybayou



+39 392.481421


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